PPC Service for e-commerce Business

Advertising for ecommerce business is always a challenging job for it needs to advertise a number of products from different product categories and the stiff competition in ecommerce business segments. To get a better ROI from search engine marketing activities of online ecommerce store, it is important to formulate ad strategy that not only bits your competitors but also wins hearts and minds of your target audience. Here, Pandaje Web World comes in to help you get a competitive edge through better ad planning and strategic advertising of your products.   
At Pandaje Web World, we always ensure you get best returns from our Pay per Click or PPC for ecommerce sites programs. To make PPC for e-commerce an overwhelming success, we deploy a dedicated team of expert online marketing professionals who leave no stone unturned to bring outstanding results for your ecommerce business. We manage PPC accounts of a number of ecommerce companies and put concerted efforts to bring better Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS). Our expert SEM professionals perform PPC activities that include keywords research and analysis, ad campaign creation and management, landing page optimization, A/B testing or multivariate testing, conversion tracking, weekly performance report and customer support through chat, phone and emails. These activities are supervised by a PPC manager who is responsible for the overall success of PPC for ecommerce business.
Our e-commerce PPC strategy is planned in such a manner so as to suit particular needs of various small or ecommerce companies thus providing effective SEM for e-commerce. Following is a brief list of services we provide under search engine marketing or PPC advertising for small business.

- Cost effective PPC management services
- Unlimited keywords targeting to deliver best results.
- Effective conversion tracking
- Multi devices targeting.
- Keywords Research and Analysis
- Competition Analysis in small business segments
- Custom bid optimization.
- Direct marketing targeting.
- Custom location targeting.
- Real-time campaign optimization
- CPC, CPM and CPA based campaign optimization.
- Custom Landing page optimization.
- Remarketing based campaign
- Dynamic Search Ads.
- Product Listing Ads

Pandaje Web World has achieved an overwhelming popularity over the years in SEM services for ecommerce.  As an ecommerce PPC management company, we try our best to increase your e-commerce company’s ROI through properly managed display campaigns as well as search campaigns. For organizations that need ecommerce marketing services, we provide a dedicated team of certified professionals in Google AdWords and Bing Ads who ensure to surpass the ROI expectations and ensure that our e-commerce search engine marketing service remain second to none in the SEM industry.